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You are what you eat and Mississippi has the potential to eat some of the freshest vegetables, fruits, and herbs the rich soil can provide. We want to provide you with a full array of tasty vegetables, recipes, and experiences to enrich your whole life.










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Foot Print Farms: Feeding Folks Safely

Canning and paperwork make for many a late-night for Cindy Ayers-Elliott, Foot Print Farms’ founder. But the daily business of growing and getting fresh vegetables to folks who need it continues, COVID-19 or not, and she rises to the challenge. #Pushed by the pandemic to start online orders, the west […]

Local Farmer Shares Bounty of Fresh Produce to Hundreds of Families

Once, I was an investment banker on Wall Street, but after 9/11, I moved back home to Mississippi and became executive director for a nonprofit, working on agricultural policy. But I knew I couldn’t help farmers just by talking policy to them. I needed to immerse myself in their world. […]

Cindy Ayers Elliott: The Agrarian Evangelist

Ten years ago, Cindy Ayers Elliott was no farmer. “I’d never grown anything in my life except for flowers, and even those were plastic,” she says with a laugh. Now the Mississippi native and former New York investment banker runs Foot Print Farms on sixty-eight acres in Jackson, Mississippi. There, she uses […]

The farm sending meals to children in a food desert share

Foot Print farms is within Jackson city limits, parts of the city are considered a food desert. That means people struggle to get fresh fruit and vegetables because they live more than one mile from the nearest grocery store. Most of Mississippi is a food desert in this way. So […]

How One Woman Is Trying To Save Mississippi Through The Power Of Vegetables

Cindy Ayers Elliott is probably not the first person to have a life-altering epiphany after hearing Michelle Obama speak. For Ayers Elliott, the aha moment came around 2010 at a conference she attended in Washington where Obama spoke about Let’s Move!, her healthy foods initiative. Ayers Elliott had been invited […]

Kevin Hart Stops By

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is in the Metro to film a new episode of his Comedy Central show. This morning he stopped by Foot Print Farms in West Jackson. The farm and its owner, Dr. Cindy Ayers, will be featured in the episode of the show. Hart travels to […]

Making a Difference in MS: Foot Print Farms

Planting the seeds of self-reliance and entrepreneurism while delivering locally grown, farm-fresh produce to quench Jackson’s food deserts. Dr. Cindy Ayers-Elliott will be the first to tell you that the real story of Foot Print Farms is not about her, even though it is her brainchild and has taken root […]

Mississippi Woman Changes Career from CEO to Rancher

Cindy Ayers Elliott once worked on Wall Street—but has since traded in her high heels for a pair of work boots. The former CEO and investment banker has made a life-changing move to her Jackson home-turned-farm, where she rears goats for meat and grows organic vegetables. Now, Elliott is CEO […]

Businesswoman trades in high heels for work boots

Once trekking Wall Street as a businesswoman, Cindy Ayers Elliott has traded in her high heels for a pair of work boots. The former CEO investment banker has made a life change move to her Jackson home-turned-farm, where she rears goats and organic vegetables. “This is the Cindy Ayers Elliott […]

Meet Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliot

Before Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliot established Foot Print Farms, LLC (2010) in the city of Jackson, she was an investment banker in New York and a CEO of Delta Enterprises in Mississippi Delta. “Trading in her high heels for a pair of work boots,” she has planted seeds in the soils […]

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